Is your business ready for growth? We support companies ready to scale with new leads through Facebook Advertising. We deliver results and our business model backs up our statement. 


Our services include everything you would expect from a top agency. The benefit of our model is that we don't have to describe it to you in detail. 
We would rather show you how we work... 

  • Success Fee

    We only charge based on our results. That means that our success is your success. We share the risk and the upside - like a good business deal should be. We aim for quick results, but even more so, we aim for long-term relationships. 

  • Flexible

    Facebook Ads are always important in a marketing mix. But sometimes you want to increase or decrease your ad budget. Seasonal changes or maybe a launch will affect the right level for advertising. 

  • Quick Start

    No need for extended strategy meetings and planning. We want to start ASAP. Learning by doing is our approach. Let the internet decide what works.
    Lean marketing methodology - build, measure and learn. 

  • Low CPA

    Our only focus is to keep the cost per acquisition as low as possible. We stay up to date on new tactics, but we are results experts. 80% of your marketing results will come from 20$ of you efforts. 


The Scaling System is not right for every system,
so we also offer a traditional model. You can switch at any time. 

Fixed Fee

  • No min. ad spend

  • Traditional model

  • Keep the upsside

  • Dedicated Expert

  • Bi-weekly meetings


billed per month

Scaling System

  • $1.000 min. ad spend

  • No startup fee

  • 100% performance 

  • Dedicated Expert

  • *Agreed at startup


per lead*